The saga-island

About Rott
Rotts maritme historie
Historisk rebusløp

Just west of Tananger, lies the beautiful island Rott. I consists of two islands, one inhabited the other not, connected by a narrow strip of land. It's a beautiful place with a very nice harbor, accessed from the north.
Already in the old saga's we hear of Rott. In Sverre's saga there is a small battle fought on Rott, between Jon Kuvlung's men and King Sverre's "Birch-Legs", around the year 1187.

Rott is the biggest island in Sola, but still only one family of four, lives here on a year around basis. There are 3-4 "weekend-farmers" that maintain their farms out here. They come out here almost every weekend to run their farms. Most of them have ancestors from the island, this way they can maintain contact with the special atmosphere on Rott.
The island is rich in antiquities as well as more recent signs of local culture , including many well preserved drystone walls. Together with the buildings used for farming, there are some summerhouses, cottages, and 8-9 boat-houses down in the harbor. On the uninhabited island we find Sola's second biggest lake.

Now and then these folks, with their own place on Rott gather for the "Rott's-Ting". Here they decide on the future of Rott, arrange social events and preserve the local heritage. They've are just about to finish a huge building placed close to the harbor. It's an old saw-mill, standing somewhere else, which was to be torn down when one of the "Rott's Ting" members heard of it. This is going to be a very nice gathering place for visitors to the island, and maybe the place to put a little local museum.
Already they've refurbished the old school-house, that closed down in 1964. One of the walls is made out of old bricks from an old wreck. It was the Swedish navy-wessel that sunk just inside the island Flatholmen in 1711. With the help of the divingclub "Havhesten" the bricks were brought to the surface and put to use after almost three hundred years on the bottom of the ocean.
The school-house is used a lot for local events, private parties and schools on trips to the island. It has a big school-yard for games and other gatherings.

Other activities on this beautiful island is walking, swimming (brrrrrr.), exploring the coastline, sea fishing, barbecuing and last but definitely not last, birdwatching.
Rott is included in the Jśrstrendene environmental protection area. Due to all the birds hatching on the western island, access is forbidden in the bird sanctuary there, between the 15th April and the 1st August. I addition to all the birds hatching (mostly seagulls), there is a big variety of birds migrating through here each spring and fall. Every year new birds are observed, some of them are very rare.