Tanangers Minne
Tanangers Minne
Founded 1. august 1997

Tanangers history

In Peder Clausson Friis' description of Norway from 1608 we can read "Straight in on the mainland from the island Rott lies the harbor Tananger". This is the first time we find Tananger mentioned in written sources.

After this we find trading in Tananger for the first time 2. September 1623 when a Dutch ship illegally sold salt to the local farmers. It was in the end of the 15th century that the first people settled around the harbor of Tananger. The great export of lobster made people settle here. There were big money in this sale. Dutch ships came every year and bought all the lobster they could get.

Between 1688 and 1698 4 farms were established around the harbor of Tananger. Since that Tananger has just grown, helped by lobster and other fisheries, ships-piloting and other maritime ventures. Due too the big trade over Tananger a customs-station was established here in 1777.

In 1965 Aker-Norsco started up as a supply-company in Tananger with three employees. The oil-industry was established and a new era for Tananger had started.

This is history worth taking care of!

That's what Tanangers Minne is working hard to do.



Tananger harbour, arount the turn of the century.

Fishingvessels gathered in Tananger, in relation to the big herringfisheries here, arount the turn of the century.

Tanangers Minne "Tanangers Minne has as a goal to gather, preserve and present the unique local history of Tananger." This is the first paragraph in our laws. Therefor this is what we work to accomplish.

You wouldn't believe all the areas members of Tananges Minne are involved in, when it comes to preserving our local history.

It all started when we wanted to honor the local ship pilots. They have practiced their profession here since the start of time. We wanted to honor them by erecting a life size statue close by the old pilotstation, that the pilots used when they came ashore. This statue was unveiled by an old pilot and the mayor of Sola january 1st, 2000.

We have taken over the station itself and are in the process of restoring it. We work on it every wednsday, 17:00. This unique place will be used to present Tananger incredible and unique maritime history.




Memory-gathering. We have now talked to 17 informants. These talks are preserved digitally and total over 60 hrs.

Photo-collection. We have copied many private collections, together with some belonging to local businesses.

Headstoneregister. All the headstones in the Tananger graveyard is now registered and photographed.

Local names. All the waters, fields, sawamps, bays, islands and so on had its own names earlier. They are no longer used and are therefor disappearing. We have our own collection which is steadily growing.

Housepictures. Our members have photographed over 1500 houses and buildings in Tananger and areas around. Many of these houses are already torn down, and the pictures allready history. Together with each picture there is a questionnaire. 200 persons has already answered our questions.

Lobstercabins and inscriptions. We have now registered all the known lobstercabins on the islands around Håstein and Tjør.


"The Pilot" on Risberhaugen


Every tuesday we gather at "Havnekafeen", the café, for unformal localhistoric chat. No program or membership, just coffee, chat, local history and fun.

17:00-19:00 - MØT OPP!


Mira, belonging to Bergenske Dampskipselskapsfoundered on Flatholmen, 10. apr. 1903

Books and publications:

Shipwrecks and maritime disasters. A total of 123 maritime happenings have gotten their story told, of which 57 ships never got salvaged.

The local shipspilots history. Using earlier work as basis, we present the history of the pilots.

Tananger at war. Tanangers history through many wars, with a special focus on WWII and the trip of "Sjøleik".

Emigrants from Sola. A book about the emigrants to America and their destiny.



In the future we will arrange more meetings for our members.
In addition we send a newsletter, "The Compass" regularly to our members with the latest news.

If you want to take part in thi,s please contact Tanangers Minne:

Atle Skarsten - 51 69 92 92

Johnny Roth - 51 69 90 40

Sigurd Olav Roth - 51 69 99 13

Karl Mikkelsen - 51 69 64 52

Kåre Solheim - 51 69 64 80



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